Larry Fishman Diplomat of American Board Neurological Surgery FACS

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Your Deserve the Finest Spinal Surgeon

Dr. Larry Fishman, MD, is our experienced spinal surgeon in Tampa, FL. We provide minimally invasive spine and brain surgery that requires only a small incision. The recuperative time is shorter than with traditional surgical methods, and you can return to your normal activities much more quickly. This type of procedure minimizes the potential risks of full surgery and maximizes the benefits of early recovery. Our surgeon customizes care and treatment to what is best for each patient. Most insurance is accepted.

Dr. Larry Fisherman

Meet Our Neurosurgeon

Dr. Larry Fishman is a board-certified neurosurgeon with more than 22 years of experience. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery, including carpal tunnel, spinal, and cranial procedures. All of our patients are evaluated and examined by Dr. Fishman exclusively, and he takes pride in his availability and patient care. He is associated with Tampa General Hospital and Memorial Hospital.

Expert Witness for Legal-Medical Review

Dr. Larry Fishman provides services as an expert witness for medical-legal review. He performs CME's and IME's, disability evaluations, permanent impairment ratings, and future care costs. Dr. Fishman also has experience in determining medical appropriateness of care to date. He performs medical record review, as well as other medical-legal issues. Dr. Fishman's services are available to counsel for both plaintiff and defendant.

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