Larry Fishman Diplomat of American Board Neurological Surgery FACS

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Monday - Friday 9 a.m. -5 p.m.

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Highly Respected Neurosurgeon

You deserve a life without chronic pain. If you have difficulties with day-to-day activities because of chronic back pain or recurring headaches, talk to our spinal surgeon. He can diagnose your issues and work toward helping you get back to a normal, healthy life. Dr. Larry Fishman, MD, is a highly respected neurosurgeon in Tampa, FL, with decades of experience. He focuses on minimally invasive outpatient surgery and also offers medical witness services as a leading health care provider.

Medical Witness and & Testimony

In addition to his role as a leading neurosurgeon, Dr. Fishman also offers medical witness services in cases of questionable health procedures and care. He can evaluate CME's and IME's, disability evaluations, permanent impairment ratings, and future care costs. He is also skilled at determining medical appropriateness of care to date. He performs medical record review, as well as other medical-legal issues.